Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Task 2-- Create a Blog

1952-- In the living room of a small rental house on Northwest Road in Bellingham, Washington, a toddler stands in front of a bookcase. He has pulled several volumes from the shelf; they lie scattered on the floor around him. He is half-turned toward his father, the photographer, a wide grin on his face (can you blame him?).

Words on the spine of a book still on the shelf glow with the camera's flash: Information Please Almanac.

Data acquisition started early, and continues with my participation in PVLD's Learning 2.0 Challenge.

When I attended the Public Library Association conference in Boston last year, I used the PVLD Blog (since transmogrified into Kathy's PVLD Director's Blog) as my introduction to blogging. Here's a link to a page of the original blog that contains my postings (scroll down a bit to see them): http://pvldblog.blogspot.com/2006_03_26_pvldblog_archive.html

More recently, I started the In the News blog on the District web site, linking current events to our collection and to other materials on the Web.

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