Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Task 10-- Explore would appeal to many people, as it’s almost “one-stop shopping”—email, blogging, instant messaging, videos, etc. I think there's great potential for use by YA librarians and teens, as Ali has recognized:

You can only add MySpace members (or people who are willing to become members) to your friends list. On at least one page I looked at, the person said she would deny friend requests unless she knew the person.

My step-son and niece put me on their friends lists; I was sweating that for a while. And Ellen DeGeneres said I could be one of her 34,516 friends. Some Hollywood types are as authentic as they appear. And I've had others send me friends requests. Now that could give a guy a swelled head.

The URL for my MySpace account:

The default setting for age is 18-35. I guess I know when I’m not wanted! Seriously, though, there’s a definite demographic profile that's being reached out to, not only because of this, but because of the ads.

While older people are members of MySpace, I really can’t see that all that many older persons would be interested in it. The MySpace kind of social networking definitely appeals to younger persons, providing access, connections, privacy of a sort-- in short, freedom. We know from news headlines about the “pitfalls” of such sites, although apparently MySpace is attempting to police itself more carefully.

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Mary said...

Hey Jim...Ellen is one of my 'friends' too!!!