Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Task 3-- Use RSS

I don't find RSS to be an especially "Gee Whiz!" kind of experience, as I don't have a burning need to see the latest from any given web site as soon as it's published. Still, it was informative to learn more about the various options Bloglines provides for managing your feeds.

How about an RSS feed on the library web site so patrons can see what's been recently added to the collection?

My home town paper. It's fun to see what the folks are up to.

The Irish Independent
Keeping in touch with one of my ethnic roots systems.

Metacritic Film Reviews
It's good to be in the know-- even if it takes a while to get around to seeing the movies.

I'd like to mention another option for RSS feeds. I downloaded the Opera browser (which by the way has many really wonderful looking skins). After you subscribe to your feeds, whenever you open the browser, a pop-up tells you if you have new items. And there is handy access to managing and reading the feeds right from the browser menu.

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